Contracting Services
Global competition demands a low cost labor solution
Our contract labor services will give you the competitive edge

Hemisphere Novelties is dedicated to providing very low-cost, high quality
assembly and processing services to our customers from our factories in the
Caribbean. Wage rates in the Caribbean are among the most competitive in the
world and that really does give our customers the edge over the competition.

Because we have a Caribbean Corporation already in place, you avoid the
costs, risks, and headaches associated with setting up a company in a foreign
country.  You will be doing business with Hemisphere Novelties Inc.; a U.S.

We exist to provide the most efficient and cost effective labor services
available anywhere in the world. To succeed we must always:              

  • Provide real value to our customers.
  • Respect and enhance the dignity of the human effort for work.
  • Continually improve our product by applying the best mix of technology,
    training, education and innovative management techniques.
  • Conduct all our affairs to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

How does this program work

We Provide:Personnel, Training and Supervision,
Facility, Import/Export Documentation, Guaranteed per unit labor cost           

You Provide:Raw materials or components, Machinery
and Equipment needed

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special permits or licenses to have my work done in

No, your company will not be doing any business in Haiti per se. Your
contract will be with Hemisphere Novelties Inc., a U.S. Corporation that already
has a relationship with the Haitian company, Leathercraft S.A. . All of the
permits and other legal requirements for the transaction will be handled by
Hemisphere Novelties Inc.

What types of work can be done in Haiti?

Almost any process or assembly work that can be done in the U.S. can also
be done in Haiti. The greatest labor cost savings of course would apply to the
most labor intensive jobs. Another consideration would be the cost of shipping
the items from your plant to ours and back. The labor savings must be enough to
cover the additional cost of freight, therefore, the size of the item to
be processed versus the total amount of labor involved must be evaluated.

How do you charge for your services?

The majority of our customers want a per unit labor price however, if you
would rather be charged a per labor hour rate we can accommodate you.

Who furnishes the component parts and raw materials?

Generally our customers furnish all of the parts and materials needed to
complete their product and we supply the labor.

Are shipping charges included in your price?

No. Our customers control the timing and amounts of material shipped at
any one time therefore we have found it to be more equitable for our customers
to pay for the freight. We have however, negotiated some very reasonable rates
with American Airlines for our customers. Please let us know if you would like
for us to assist in this regard.


Need more information?

We'd be happy to discuss our product offerings in greater detail with you. Please contact us at 914 378-4100 or use our contact form.